8 Useful Apps for Educators

by Gavin Donnelly

With the ever growing presence of smartphones and tablets in classrooms there are all kinds of apps out there for educators to help them plan, organize and teach. Here is a list of just a few useful ones that we put together for you.

1. Keynote – Keynote is an app that lets teachers spice up their presentations with the addition of visual aids such as charts, tables, videos, pictures and animations. Teachers can choose from 12 premade themes to create a presentation.

2. Evernote – Evernote allows you to take all kinds of notes from your mobile, tablet or desktop and stores them all in one place. You can type up quick lists or outlines, take pictures, save webpages and more. Then you can share notes and collaborate with colleagues.

3. Free Books – As the name promises, the Free Books app provides access to 23,469 classic books including novels, autobiographies and plenty of other historical writings. Great for History or Literature teachers.

4. Splashtop Whiteboard – This iPad app turns your iPad into a mobile whiteboard. By syncing with a desktop computer over Wifi you can access computer applications such as Powerpoint or Keynote and then be able to control and draw over the presentations right on the iPad.

5. Dropbox – Use Dropbox to store all your documents and files in the cloud so you can access them from any device. A great way to organize files stored on multiple computers and devices, it also makes them easily shareable.

6. TeacherKit – A nice free app for keeping track of attendance, grades and behavior all in one place. You can even backup all data stored in TeacherKit to Dropbox.

7. Outliner – Outliner is another useful organizational app for outlining anything from daily tasks such as lesson plans to long term projects that last throughout a whole semester or year. You can also share your outlines and collaborate with other users.

8. GradeBook Pro – Another very useful app for keeping track of grades and attendance. GradeBook Pro has all kinds of powerful features including the ability to email reports to students and parents, create PDF reports of class or student grades and ability to import and export data using Dropbox.

Whether you’re an educator yourself, know someone who is or are just interested in education technology we hope you found this list interesting and useful! What apps do you use to stay organized and plan? Let us know by connecting on Twitter @zapdapp and Facebook.com/zapdapp.

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Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

10 Great Sites and Tools for Travelers

by Gavin Donnelly

As rewarding as it is, traveling can also be a stressful process. A lot goes into the planning and execution of a trip or vacation. First you have to decide where to go, then how to get there and where to stay. Budgets, language barriers…the list goes on. So we’ve compiled this list of 10 sites and tools that we think are great resources for you in planning and making the most out of your travels.

1. Hotel Tonight – Hotel Tonight is an app that helps you find the best day-of deals on a hotel room in many major cities around the world. It works by showing you hotels that are offering last-minute deals on their unreserved rooms at highly discounted rates. You can then book your deal right from the app, which is available for both iOS and Android. Hotel Tonight is handy little app for those spontaneous trips.

2. Skyscanner – Skyscanner is a great tool for comparing and finding the best deals on thousands of flights, from anywhere to anywhere. You can access the tool via the website or download the app for your smartphone. Once you decide on a flight to book, Skyscanner will link you directly to the airline or travel agent’s website to complete the process. You can also find and compare car rentals and hotels with the tool.

3. Languages – As you might have guessed from the name, Languages is a translation app that can instantly translate words from 12 built-in language dictionaries without accessing the web. It doesn’t currently have the ability to translate full sentences but is still a nice tool for looking up words on the fly.

4. TripTuner – Trying to decide where to go on your next vacation? TripTuner is a unique website that allows you to “tune” your preferences on a series of sliders and recommends destinations based on your choices. Choose whether you want your vacation to be more relaxing or active, weather to be bikini or parka friendly, cost to be high or low…you get the point. As you move the sliders around to adjust your preferences TripTuner shows you new sets of destinations for you to choose from. It’s a fun little way to get your vacation planning started.

5. Trivago – This is the mother of all hotel search sites. Trivago searches multiple hotel booking sites at once from its current database of 157 different sites to bring you the best options for wherever you plan on staying.

6. TripIt – TripIt is a tool for keeping track of your itineraries all in one place, once you sign up you can email all your different confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and the service will automatically create itineraries for you. You can then access them any time online or from your mobile device to view, customize or share them.

7. Duolingo – Looking to learn a new language but don’t want to spend the money on classes or software like Rosetta Stone? Duolingo is a website that offers courses in six different languages – for free. One independent study suggested that 34 hours of Duolingo courses is comparable to one semester of a college language class. The languages currently offered are Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

8. GateGuru – Upload details about your trip to the GateGuru app directly or by emailing your itinerary or syncing with TripIt. The app then keeps you updated on all kinds of things like airport weather, flight status and even security wait times. Additionally, you can view a list of airport amenities to find the closest place to grab a pre-flight bite to eat or magazine. This is definitely an app worth checking out as there are even more features not listed here.

9. Airbnb – Airbnb is a great resource for looking up all kinds of rental properties for your travel destination, from single rooms to whole homes or apartments. Simply enter your destination and the dates you plan on going to get a list of rentals and prices.

10. Travel Wallet – With the Travel Wallet app you can create budgets, track expenses and then send reports to yourself or your boss if you’re on a business trip. It allows you to attach receipts by taking pictures or selecting ones already on your iPhone. The app also integrates with TripIt to import trip segments and add them as expenses. Overall a nice way to quickly enter and track your spending on a business trip or vacation.

We hope that you find this list of resources useful for your future travels! Do you know of any other great travel sites or tools? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and share them via Twitter @zapdapp or Facebook.com/zapdapp!

Happy traveling!

Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

7 iPhoneography Blogs You Need to See

by Gavin Donnelly

If you love iPhoneography as much as we do then these are 7 blogs you don’t want to miss:

  1. iPhoneography - The number one iPhoneography blog out there. Lots of iPhoneography app and accessory reviews, tips and tricks on shooting and editing, as well as plenty of great photos to look at.
  2. Life in LoFi - Another great blog that features app and accessory reviews, how-tos and iPhoneography showcases.
  3. iPhoneogenic - More tips and tricks, information on events and beautiful iPhoneography to get inspired by.
  4. rubicorno - Lots of artistic photos to look at and information on the tools used to shoot and edit them.
  5. STREET COMIX - A gallery of Europe’s street art as seen through the lens of an iPhone.
  6. iPhoneography NYC - The iPhoneography of New York City.
  7. An iPhone Photo a Day - There isn’t exactly one for every day as the title suggests (although some days have multiple) but close enough.

Do you know of any you think should be on this list? Have some iPhoneography of your own you want to share? Get in touch with us via Twitter @zapdapp or Facebook.com/zapdapp.


Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

5 “Sketchy” Zaps

by Gavin Donnelly

We see all kinds of Zaps dedicated to personal artwork created by experienced professionals, aspiring artists and free-time doodlers. Way too many to share with you in just one blog post so we decided to focus on sketches and drawings for today’s post. Here they are, 5 “Sketchy” Zaps!

1. “Inktober 2012″ by Ramsey Sibaja
As this Zap tells us, “October is also Inktober. The month out of the year where you create an ink drawing each day for the entire month.” It lives up to its promise with 31 great ink drawings!

2. “My Sketches” by Jeff Swift
This Zap features some very well done cartoonish pencil sketches with a tropical island theme. Highlights include a snorkeler riding the back of a sea turtle and a surfer girl catching a big wave.

3. “Walking the Snail” by Luke Adam Sinclair
There is only one sketch on this site, but with a title like “Walking the Snail” we had to share it.

4. “Cartoon Creations by Stu” by Stuart Brewster
Lots of drawings and doodles on this Zap (OK, and one painting) including some short cartoon strips and Christmas sketches.

5. “Whiteboard Art” by Erin Perry
Some seriously awesome drawings on a whiteboard!

So there you go, hope you enjoyed them. Are you an artist? Have any Zaps of your artwork? We’d love to see! Share them with us via Twitter @zapdapp or Facebook.com/zapdapp.

Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

5 Zaps From the Most Visited City in the World

by Gavin Donnelly

London, England is the most popular city in the world for travelers, receiving about 15 million visitors from overseas each year. We see a lot of Zaps featuring some great photography of the iconic city so we decided to share these 5 that we liked with all of you, enjoy!

1. “Europe – London, England” by DragonJ
This Zap starts off with some good tips for those new to the way things work in London, for example stay to the right on escalators or you’ll be trampled! It also has plenty of photographs of London’s architecture and famous sights.

2. “I Heart London” by Anna Heimbichner
Anna, a Californian living in London, shows us some  beautiful views of the city. Highlights include a great photo of the Tower Bridge with the Olympic Rings on it and shot of the city at sunset.

3. “London” by Gustavo Ziller
Lots (and I mean lots) of photography of London’s streets, architecture, parks and landmarks on this Zap.

4. “London” by Jarett Skeffington
Some really nice iPhoneography from a trip to London featuring castles, cathedrals, and some of the usual sights like the London Eye and Tower Bridge.

5. “London Day 2, THE Day of the Great Wedding” by Markus Eichler
The wedding referred to in this Zap’s title is that of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Here you’ll get a glimpse of the events going on around London on that day.

Hope you liked these Zaps as much as we did. Have any great Zaps of your travels or city you live in? Share them with us on Twitter @zapdapp and Facebook.com/zapdapp.


Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

Zapd Top Ten: Week of January 13th

By Kara Queen

Hi again everyone! Once again I’m here to present to you some really awesome Zaps that we found and featured this week. More lovely travel photography, some really cool DIY projects, recipes and work out tips (those may come in handy for any of you still carrying out your healthy New Year’s Resolutions). Go on and check these cool little sites out!

1. “2013年1月10日周四” By Wen Shang

Take a look at these beautifully dramatic black and white photos!

2. “Photobooth Sessions With the Hobo” by Paulo Bkri

For the motorcycle lovers.

3. “Abs Fitness” by Abs One

Looking for a new exercise routine? Abs One provides photos and instructions for a great ab workout.

4. “Balenciaga Lust” by Anna Heimbichner

For the fashion lovers!

5. “Christian Entdeckt Den Orient” by Christian

Epic city lights and travels documented.

6. “House Hunting” by Jim Merrick

For those of you who love house hunting and lovely interiors.

7. “Do It Yourself” by Stephanie Rosell

Tons and tons of creative and crazy projects and decorations to get inspired by.

8. “How to Make Chocolate Pretzels” by Elena Shimabukuro

Because they look amazing and now you can learn how to make them!

9. “Thu, Jan 17, 2013″ by AmRosario

Beautiful photography of dance and performances of different cultures.

10. “Voyage to India” by David Chung

David’s exotic and colorful photography from his adventures through India.


Have you seen any other awesome Zaps that we missed? Leave a comment below! And be sure to connect with us on Twitter @Zapdapp and Facebook!


Zapd Team



How to Change Your Zap URL / Website Address

By: Kara Queen

“How do I change my URL?” is a question we get pretty commonly. Geektalk alert! An URL is simply the Internet address for any website, including your Zap. It can be letters or numbers or both. Zapd assigns one to each Zap created, and this address can be changed. We’ll go through the steps to change it here.

Your default Zap URL actually has 2 pieces, and together they make up each page address:

  1. Root: this is the first part of the address that follows the “http://”
  2. Path: this is the last part of the address and is specific to each page

Some things to know about the root:

  • Zapd defaults the root to your user name
  • All roots are in the form of “username.zapd.com/”
  • All your Zaps will have this root in the URL
  • You can change the “username” piece

Some things to know about the path:

  • Each of your Zaps will have a different path name
  • Zapd creates one by default, which is the date – e.g., “/mon-nov-19-2012″
  • You can change the path name on each individual Zap

In this video we show you how to change both of those and how it effects your Zaps.

We’ve also been frequently asked about using your own domain name as the URL for your Zap. At the moment this isn’t possible, but it’s something we’re working on and we’ll keep you posted!

As always, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or let us know what you think about Zapd @zapdapp on Twitter and Facebook.com/zapdapp.

Kara Queen
Zapd Team

How to Delete Comments From Your Zaps

by Gavin Donnelly

Every now and then you may receive a comment on one of your Zaps that you wish to delete. This little video demonstrates how to get rid of unwanted comments from your iPhone or the Web.

From an iPhone:

  1. Go to the desired Zap
  2. Click on the post that has an unwanted comment
  3. View the comments
  4. Swipe your finger to the side of the comment and a red “Delete” button will appear, press to delete it

From the Web:

  1. Go to Zapd.com and log in to your Zapd account
  2. Go to your profile page and click on the Zap that you wish to remove a comment from
  3. Click on the post that has the comment
  4. Each comment will have a little “X” button in the right hand corner, press to delete it

Hope that clears things up if you were unsure how to get rid of comments. As always, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or let us know what you think about Zapd via Twitter @zapdapp and Facebook.com/zapdapp.

Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

Zapd Top 10: week of January 6th, 2013

by Kara Queen

After taking some time off for the holidays, I’m back in full swing to present everyone with a slew of cool new Zaps that have popped up recently. A lot of travels and a lot of photography. If you have a affinity for pretty things and interesting places, you’ll surely want to check some of these out!

So, let’s go ahead and dive into this weeks top 10 fabulous finds of Zap pages:

1. “Javier Senosiain” by Stephanie Rosell

Some whimsical, must see organic architecture from the mind of Javier Senosiain!


2. “Little Photo Corner” by Paul Zombie

A really rad photo blog- especially if you like hairless cats.

3. “Circus” by Carlotta Mega

Amazingly intense black and white photography of a circus. Really pulls you in to the show.

4. “2012 My Year in Concerts” by Scott Satcheled

A collection of photos of Scott’s year in concerts. Some bands you may love, some you may haven’t heard of. Epic lights and excited crowds.

5. “Hidden Treasure” by HispanTreasures

Gorgeous photography of hidden treasures and far away lands.

6. “Schleich World of the Arctic” by Mawry

Mawry returns with another tiny animal world to share with us. This time she recreates a brilliant arctic scene.

7. “2 Halves of the Whole” by Max Jones

An interesting collection of black and white photography of bustling crowds and busy streets.

8. “November 1963″ by Scott Fisher

Scott Fisher pulls together some stunning photos from National Geographic back in the year 1963.

9. “Jue 27th, Dic, 2012″ by Andres Figueroa

Some intense images of happenings in 2012.

10. “Places people Go” by Stephiedoo

A Zap of epic proportions and epic places.


More Top 10s if you’re in the mood:

Did you see some really awesome Zaps that are not on this list? Leave a comment below or connecting with us on Twitter @zapdapp or Facebook.com/zapdapp.

Zapd Team

All About Zapd: Who Uses Zapd and How They Use It

by Gavin Donnelly

We recently sent out a survey to our users to get a better idea of how people are using Zapd in either their personal or professional lives and we wanted to share some of the results with you.

From the hundreds of completed surveys that we received we discovered that half of our users use Zapd personally and half use it professionally.

When we asked people to tell us how they use Zapd in their professional lives the results broke down into six main categories:

  1. Creative
  2. Small business (SMB)
  3. Education
  4. Real estate
  5. Restaurant
  6. Other

Here are some examples of how people are actually using Zapd to build websites for their professions and businesses:

  1. Creative.We’ve been seeing all types of creative professionals from around the world creating Zaps of their work or portfolios including photographers, painters, tattoo artists, sculptors and graphic designers.
  2. Small Business. One type of small business that we see on Zapd is a shoe or clothing sales business that creates Zaps with pictures of their inventory. Another type is contractors who post photos of their finished renovations or landscaping projects.
  3. Education. Teachers are creating Zaps to post lesson plans or assignments. Teachers have also been using the app to allow all their students to complete some kind of assignment, usually a short report of some kind, by creating their own Zaps with a combination of pictures and information.
  4. Real estate. Real estate agents use Zapd to post pictures and information about houses that they are selling.
  5. Restaurant. Restaurants post pictures of their establishment and food, menus and daily specials or deals.
We also asked people what specific kinds of activities they use Zapd for in their lives, here’s a look at the responses we got:

  1. Blog. 40% use the app for some kind of blogging.
  2. Events. 36% use it to document and share some kind of event such as weddings, parties, etc.
  3. Travel. 33% use it to document and share their trips and vacations.
  4. Kids. 32% use it to post photos of their kids.
  5. Business only. 13% use Zapd only for business.
  6. Other. 11% use it for some other activity.
  7. Sports. 6% use it for some kind of sports-related posting.

We asked respondents to rank a list of possible future features that they would like to see in Zapd from most preferred to least preferred. We were really curious to see what people said to this question, check out this chart ranking the most popular responses:

  1. iPad. The most preferred response was that people wanted an iPad version of the Zapd app.
  2. Add forms. People also seemed to like the idea of being able to have things like contact forms on their Zaps.
  3. Custom URL. The ability to have a custom URL for Zap sites came in 3rd.
  4. Video. Being able to add video posts to a Zap was a close 4th place preferred response.
  5. More pages. People would like to be able to have multiple pages in one Zap.
  6. Profile page. The least preferred feature was being able to create some kind of social profile or “about me” page.

How do you use Zapd in your personal or professional life? What kinds of features would you like to see in the future? Let us know by connecting with us on Twitter @zapdapp and Facebook.com/zapdapp.

Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team