2012 Holiday Zap Winners

By Kara Queen

I hope you all had an wonderful holiday and explosive New Year’s celebration! Or a calm, not-so-explosive one- whichever you prefer :)

Thanks to everybody for sharing your traditions, stories and creativity in our Best Holiday Zap contest. It was really exciting to see holiday celebrations from all over the world. Entries came in from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Taiwan, and many states of the US. We got to look through great images of winter wonderlands, ginger bread cookies, and family dinners, and finally emerged with our winning selections. It was a tough call, believe me.

We had 3 levels of recognition:

  • Grand Prize – iPad mini
  • Second Prizes (10) – iPod Shuffle
  • Third Prizes (50) – $25 iTunes gift card


Drum roll please…

“Larek! Santa’s Naughtiest Elf” by Josh Stanley

Josh gave us daily updates of all of Larek the Elf’s hijinks.. it was always hilarious to see what he was up to. Larek went through time travel, alien autopsies, and battling Darth Vader. This collection of photos was creative, detailed, and brought a smile to every one’s face. Thanks for sharing this with us Josh, Larek will be missed :)



  1. “Happy Holidays” by Cedric Dhaenens
  2. “Vancouver Christmas Market” by Martin
  3. “Navidad en mi Guatemala” by Diego
  4. “Europe Trip” by Jackson Wong
  5. “Christmas is Coming” by The Eclectic Gentleman
  6. “Kringle Bay News” by Justin Locke
  7. “My Christmas” by Stella
  8. “Snow and Ice, Come to Life” by Paul Coombs
  9. “God Jul & Gott Nytt Arr 2012″ by Stephanie Rosell
  10. “Holidays” by Riri M












  1. “Foggy Winter Mornings” by Aditi Mathur
  2. “Buone Fest Da Ceva” by Delca
  3. “Merry Christmas to All!” by Natalia
  4. “Our Arizona Christmas with Family” by Joel Johnson
  5. “Best Time of the Year” by Xaliph
  6. “The Holidays!” by Amanda Viser
  7. “Preparing for Christmas” by Eric Verno
  8. “Christmas” by EightbitSpartan
  9. “Christmas is Here!” by Daniel Lee
  10. “Merry Christmas!” by Jason00oo
  11. “My First Christmas with my New Family” by Simon Green
  12. “Happy Holidays” by Ben
  13. “Peterson Family Traditions” by Jim Peterson
  14. “Christmas Memories 2012″ by Traci Hedetniemi
  15. “Clam Lights at the Lake” by Sarah
  16. “Christmas Memories” by Keith Crawford
  17. “Dec 11, 2012″ by AO Graffix
  18. “Dec 31, 2012″ by Sanjay
  19. “Christmas Cards” by Paul Kobayashi
  20. “Holiday 2012″ by Justin
  21. “MiPhoneography” by The Kevhat
  22. “Christmas 2012″ by Shakira
  23. “Holidays in the Pacific Northwest” by Eric Gould
  24. “Lost in Tokyo” by Tanner Mclaughlin
  25. “Classic Holiday Images” by UAsten
  26. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Yeaaaaaaaaar” by Emily Ramsay
  27. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” by Mike
  28. “Christmas” by estela
  29. “Christmas Traditions Old and New” by Toastist
  30. “Christmas Eve” by Monica Repetto
  31. “Europe Trip” by Ruby Muller
  32. “Untitled” by Markus Conrad
  33. “Happy Holidays 2012″ by Ken McCarthy
  34. “The Best Things About Xmas!” by Laura Johnston
  35. “A Stylo Christmas” by Ben J. Stylo
  36. “The Hands of Our Christmas” by Pete
  37. “Holidays” by Josh Fisher
  38. “Untitled” by Kevin
  39. “The North Pole” by Julia
  40. “New York City Christmas Tree” by Ryan Demian
  41. “Untitled” by Tara
  42. “Untitled” by Tim Hotzelt
  43. “Holiday~~~great holiday vacation in Taiwan” by Makebelieve
  44. “Christmas TIme is Here Again!” by Gerardo
  45. “Holiday Zap” by Antonio Zanzottera
  46. “Untitled” by mveltini
  47. “Our Family Fishing Trip” by Philip Walls
  48. “merry christmas!!!” by topack
  49. “Holly Days Zap” by Imp Pulse
  50. “Winter Wonderland Berlin” by Oliver

Again, thank you to everyone for creating these awesome holiday Zaps and sharing them with us. Winners will be receiving an email about how to get your prizes, so be sure to check your inbox. We’re so grateful to all of ours users and hope that you continue to use and have fun with Zapd!

Don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter @zapdapp or facebook.com/zapdapp.

Here’s to a great 2013!

Kara | Zapd team

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