5 Impressive Italian Zaps – Molto buoni Zappi Italiani

by Gavin Donnelly

One of the really fun things about working at Zapd is that we get to see lots of great international Zaps from countries and regions all over the world. When we looked at the numbers we discovered that Italy is one of the top countries people are Zapping from, so we decided to share these five Italian Zaps that we like with all of you!

1. “Florence 365 days” by Vittorio Joe Touchdown
As the title suggests, this Zap showcases  365 days spent in Florence, Italy. It’s being updated regularly with photos showing you the beauty of this classic Italian city from the author’s perspective.

2. “Cinque Terra Italy 2012″ by Henk Goossens
Cinque Terra (“Five lands”) is a set of 5 villages built into the cliffside of Italy’s Mediterranean coast that are known for colorful terraced architecture. This Zap is full of beautiful photos of the region’s landscape and villages.

3. “Untitled” by Lorenzo Magri
This Zap hosts a collection of interesting and artistic photos.

4. “Puglia 2012″ by Emic
Puglia, Italy lies in the Southern region of the country that looks like the “heel of the boot”, this Zap features some great photography of the region’s picturesque seaside.

5. “Snowfall In Milan” by Emic
Another Zap from Emic shows us a snowy and festive vision of Milan, Italy!

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Italia! We’ll be doing more posts showing you Zaps from elsewhere around the world, where would you be interested in seeing Zaps from? Share your ideas or Zaps with us via Twitter @zapdapp or Facebook.com/zapdapp.

Happy holidays!

Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

ps. - Hope you all enjoy the new themes and don’t forget to enter your Zaps in our holiday contest for a chance to win an iPad mini and other sweet prizes!

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