All About Zapd: Who Uses Zapd and How They Use It

by Gavin Donnelly

We recently sent out a survey to our users to get a better idea of how people are using Zapd in either their personal or professional lives and we wanted to share some of the results with you.

From the hundreds of completed surveys that we received we discovered that half of our users use Zapd personally and half use it professionally.

When we asked people to tell us how they use Zapd in their professional lives the results broke down into six main categories:

  1. Creative
  2. Small business (SMB)
  3. Education
  4. Real estate
  5. Restaurant
  6. Other

Here are some examples of how people are actually using Zapd to build websites for their professions and businesses:

  1. Creative.We’ve been seeing all types of creative professionals from around the world creating Zaps of their work or portfolios including photographers, painters, tattoo artists, sculptors and graphic designers.
  2. Small Business. One type of small business that we see on Zapd is a shoe or clothing sales business that creates Zaps with pictures of their inventory. Another type is contractors who post photos of their finished renovations or landscaping projects.
  3. Education. Teachers are creating Zaps to post lesson plans or assignments. Teachers have also been using the app to allow all their students to complete some kind of assignment, usually a short report of some kind, by creating their own Zaps with a combination of pictures and information.
  4. Real estate. Real estate agents use Zapd to post pictures and information about houses that they are selling.
  5. Restaurant. Restaurants post pictures of their establishment and food, menus and daily specials or deals.
We also asked people what specific kinds of activities they use Zapd for in their lives, here’s a look at the responses we got:

  1. Blog. 40% use the app for some kind of blogging.
  2. Events. 36% use it to document and share some kind of event such as weddings, parties, etc.
  3. Travel. 33% use it to document and share their trips and vacations.
  4. Kids. 32% use it to post photos of their kids.
  5. Business only. 13% use Zapd only for business.
  6. Other. 11% use it for some other activity.
  7. Sports. 6% use it for some kind of sports-related posting.

We asked respondents to rank a list of possible future features that they would like to see in Zapd from most preferred to least preferred. We were really curious to see what people said to this question, check out this chart ranking the most popular responses:

  1. iPad. The most preferred response was that people wanted an iPad version of the Zapd app.
  2. Add forms. People also seemed to like the idea of being able to have things like contact forms on their Zaps.
  3. Custom URL. The ability to have a custom URL for Zap sites came in 3rd.
  4. Video. Being able to add video posts to a Zap was a close 4th place preferred response.
  5. More pages. People would like to be able to have multiple pages in one Zap.
  6. Profile page. The least preferred feature was being able to create some kind of social profile or “about me” page.

How do you use Zapd in your personal or professional life? What kinds of features would you like to see in the future? Let us know by connecting with us on Twitter @zapdapp and

Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

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