How to Change Your Zap URL / Website Address

By: Kara Queen

“How do I change my URL?” is a question we get pretty commonly. Geektalk alert! An URL is simply the Internet address for any website, including your Zap. It can be letters or numbers or both. Zapd assigns one to each Zap created, and this address can be changed. We’ll go through the steps to change it here.

Your default Zap URL actually has 2 pieces, and together they make up each page address:

  1. Root: this is the first part of the address that follows the “http://”
  2. Path: this is the last part of the address and is specific to each page

Some things to know about the root:

  • Zapd defaults the root to your user name
  • All roots are in the form of “”
  • All your Zaps will have this root in the URL
  • You can change the “username” piece

Some things to know about the path:

  • Each of your Zaps will have a different path name
  • Zapd creates one by default, which is the date – e.g., “/mon-nov-19-2012″
  • You can change the path name on each individual Zap

In this video we show you how to change both of those and how it effects your Zaps.

We’ve also been frequently asked about using your own domain name as the URL for your Zap. At the moment this isn’t possible, but it’s something we’re working on and we’ll keep you posted!

As always, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or let us know what you think about Zapd @zapdapp on Twitter and

Kara Queen
Zapd Team

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