How to retrieve photos from your Zaps

by Gavin Donnelly

We occasionally get asked by users if there is a way to retrieve some or all of the photos from their Zaps and save them back to their computer. At the moment there is no easy way to mass-download all the photo files from a Zap, but you can do it the old fashioned way by right clicking on each photo and saving them to your computer. Check out this super short video clip for an example:

Hope that helps! It actually goes pretty quickly – 10/minute, so even 100 photos would just take 10 minutes time. In the future we may release a feature that backs up all the files on a Zap that will make it easier to retrieve them all at once. Would that be a valuable feature to you? Let us know what you think.

As always, please follow us on Twitter @zapdapp and connect with us on Don’t hesitate to ask questions, leave comments, or make suggestions. Everything we hear from our users is valuable!

Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

2012 Holiday Zap Winners

By Kara Queen

I hope you all had an wonderful holiday and explosive New Year’s celebration! Or a calm, not-so-explosive one- whichever you prefer :)

Thanks to everybody for sharing your traditions, stories and creativity in our Best Holiday Zap contest. It was really exciting to see holiday celebrations from all over the world. Entries came in from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Taiwan, and many states of the US. We got to look through great images of winter wonderlands, ginger bread cookies, and family dinners, and finally emerged with our winning selections. It was a tough call, believe me.

We had 3 levels of recognition:

  • Grand Prize – iPad mini
  • Second Prizes (10) – iPod Shuffle
  • Third Prizes (50) – $25 iTunes gift card


Drum roll please…

“Larek! Santa’s Naughtiest Elf” by Josh Stanley

Josh gave us daily updates of all of Larek the Elf’s hijinks.. it was always hilarious to see what he was up to. Larek went through time travel, alien autopsies, and battling Darth Vader. This collection of photos was creative, detailed, and brought a smile to every one’s face. Thanks for sharing this with us Josh, Larek will be missed :)



  1. “Happy Holidays” by Cedric Dhaenens
  2. “Vancouver Christmas Market” by Martin
  3. “Navidad en mi Guatemala” by Diego
  4. “Europe Trip” by Jackson Wong
  5. “Christmas is Coming” by The Eclectic Gentleman
  6. “Kringle Bay News” by Justin Locke
  7. “My Christmas” by Stella
  8. “Snow and Ice, Come to Life” by Paul Coombs
  9. “God Jul & Gott Nytt Arr 2012″ by Stephanie Rosell
  10. “Holidays” by Riri M












  1. “Foggy Winter Mornings” by Aditi Mathur
  2. “Buone Fest Da Ceva” by Delca
  3. “Merry Christmas to All!” by Natalia
  4. “Our Arizona Christmas with Family” by Joel Johnson
  5. “Best Time of the Year” by Xaliph
  6. “The Holidays!” by Amanda Viser
  7. “Preparing for Christmas” by Eric Verno
  8. “Christmas” by EightbitSpartan
  9. “Christmas is Here!” by Daniel Lee
  10. “Merry Christmas!” by Jason00oo
  11. “My First Christmas with my New Family” by Simon Green
  12. “Happy Holidays” by Ben
  13. “Peterson Family Traditions” by Jim Peterson
  14. “Christmas Memories 2012″ by Traci Hedetniemi
  15. “Clam Lights at the Lake” by Sarah
  16. “Christmas Memories” by Keith Crawford
  17. “Dec 11, 2012″ by AO Graffix
  18. “Dec 31, 2012″ by Sanjay
  19. “Christmas Cards” by Paul Kobayashi
  20. “Holiday 2012″ by Justin
  21. “MiPhoneography” by The Kevhat
  22. “Christmas 2012″ by Shakira
  23. “Holidays in the Pacific Northwest” by Eric Gould
  24. “Lost in Tokyo” by Tanner Mclaughlin
  25. “Classic Holiday Images” by UAsten
  26. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Yeaaaaaaaaar” by Emily Ramsay
  27. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” by Mike
  28. “Christmas” by estela
  29. “Christmas Traditions Old and New” by Toastist
  30. “Christmas Eve” by Monica Repetto
  31. “Europe Trip” by Ruby Muller
  32. “Untitled” by Markus Conrad
  33. “Happy Holidays 2012″ by Ken McCarthy
  34. “The Best Things About Xmas!” by Laura Johnston
  35. “A Stylo Christmas” by Ben J. Stylo
  36. “The Hands of Our Christmas” by Pete
  37. “Holidays” by Josh Fisher
  38. “Untitled” by Kevin
  39. “The North Pole” by Julia
  40. “New York City Christmas Tree” by Ryan Demian
  41. “Untitled” by Tara
  42. “Untitled” by Tim Hotzelt
  43. “Holiday~~~great holiday vacation in Taiwan” by Makebelieve
  44. “Christmas TIme is Here Again!” by Gerardo
  45. “Holiday Zap” by Antonio Zanzottera
  46. “Untitled” by mveltini
  47. “Our Family Fishing Trip” by Philip Walls
  48. “merry christmas!!!” by topack
  49. “Holly Days Zap” by Imp Pulse
  50. “Winter Wonderland Berlin” by Oliver

Again, thank you to everyone for creating these awesome holiday Zaps and sharing them with us. Winners will be receiving an email about how to get your prizes, so be sure to check your inbox. We’re so grateful to all of ours users and hope that you continue to use and have fun with Zapd!

Don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter @zapdapp or

Here’s to a great 2013!

Kara | Zapd team

25 Zaps to get you in the Christmas spirit

by Kara Queen

Christmas is just around the corner! And to get you in that holiday mood, I’ve compiled a list of 25 fun Christmas/holiday/winter Zaps. They’re full of snow, tinsel, cookies, families, fun and Christmas experiences from all around the world.

  1. Holidays by Cedric
  2. Christmas by Estela
  3. Happy Holidays by Oliver
  4. Navidad en Guate by Diego
  5. The Holidays by Amanda Viser
  6. Snow and Ice, Come to Life by Paul Coombs
  7. Larek, Santa’s Naughtiest Elf by Josh
  8. Christmas Claymation by Gavin
  9. Winter Wonderland Berlin by Oliver
  10. Christmas Time is Here Again by Gerardo
  11. Vancouver Christmas Market by Martin
  12. Christmas Traditions by Ryan
  13. Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas! by Josh Aucoin
  14. Some Magical Cities to Spend Christmas by Gavin
  15. The Best Things About Xmas by Laura Johnston
  16. Holiday Greetings from Sweden by Stephanie Rosell
  17. Happy Holidays 2012 by Ken
  18. Christmas is Coming by The Eclectic Gentleman
  19. It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Emily Ramsay
  20. Plaza Publica Humacao Navidad 2012 by Jorge Cruz
  21. New House, New Traditions by Craig W. T. Johnston
  22. New York City Christmas Tree by Ryan Demian
  23. Holidays by Riri M
  24. Mail with Santa by Yogi
  25. Trail of Lights 2012 by Pete Sweetleaf


Hope you enjoyed looking through all this Christmas cheer! Happy Holidays from all of us here at Zapd. We encourage you to enter your Zaps in our holiday contest for a chance to win an iPad mini and other sweet prizes. Just share your holiday Zap with us at by December 29th.

Which is your favorite? Connect with us on Twitter @zapdapp or


Zapd Team

5 Impressive Italian Zaps – Molto buoni Zappi Italiani

by Gavin Donnelly

One of the really fun things about working at Zapd is that we get to see lots of great international Zaps from countries and regions all over the world. When we looked at the numbers we discovered that Italy is one of the top countries people are Zapping from, so we decided to share these five Italian Zaps that we like with all of you!

1. “Florence 365 days” by Vittorio Joe Touchdown
As the title suggests, this Zap showcases  365 days spent in Florence, Italy. It’s being updated regularly with photos showing you the beauty of this classic Italian city from the author’s perspective.

2. “Cinque Terra Italy 2012″ by Henk Goossens
Cinque Terra (“Five lands”) is a set of 5 villages built into the cliffside of Italy’s Mediterranean coast that are known for colorful terraced architecture. This Zap is full of beautiful photos of the region’s landscape and villages.

3. “Untitled” by Lorenzo Magri
This Zap hosts a collection of interesting and artistic photos.

4. “Puglia 2012″ by Emic
Puglia, Italy lies in the Southern region of the country that looks like the “heel of the boot”, this Zap features some great photography of the region’s picturesque seaside.

5. “Snowfall In Milan” by Emic
Another Zap from Emic shows us a snowy and festive vision of Milan, Italy!

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Italia! We’ll be doing more posts showing you Zaps from elsewhere around the world, where would you be interested in seeing Zaps from? Share your ideas or Zaps with us via Twitter @zapdapp or

Happy holidays!

Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

ps. - Hope you all enjoy the new themes and don’t forget to enter your Zaps in our holiday contest for a chance to win an iPad mini and other sweet prizes!

Zapd vs. Facebook: Similarities and Differences

By Kara Queen

How is Zapd different from Facebook? That’s the question we’re asking today, to give you a little insight on where Zapd fits into the wide world of social networks. Zapd is not a replacement for Facebook – it complements it. One of the great things about Zapd is its ability to tell a story through photos and text- something that is trickier to do on Facebook as time progresses and your photos and statements become spread out. Zapd takes that story and neatly packages it on your own mini website, with your own little URL- and then, look at that! There’s that nifty little “share” button. Now your Zap website link is shared ON your Facebook page, so all your Facebook friends can click and check it out. So the great part here is really that you can bring these two apps together seamlessly and effortlessly.

Sharing your Zap to your Facebook friends is easy.

Here’s a deeper look at some of Zapd characteristics vs. Facebook:

  • Zapd has tons of themes so you can bring some personality in to each of your “Zaps”  (we call mini websites made with Zapd “zaps”)
  • Your friends can comment on/ like your photos and sentiments Zapd, just like on Facebook
  • Oh, and you can rearrange the order of your posts too on Zapd. They don’t HAVE to be in chronological order.
  • You can easily invite your Facebook friends in to Zapd, and have them be recognized as your friends
  • Zapd lets you follow or be followed by others, similar to Facebook and Twitter
    • You see an activity stream of the new things those people you’re following are posting
    • Even better, you have a separate stream of “featured” people- people you may be potentially interested in following because they’re so awesome
  • Zapd has the camera built into the app, and it’ll let you select up to 10 pictures at a time and edit them, all right from your iPhone – way easier to get all your stuff out there from your phone
  • Collaboration – Zapd lets you add to people’s Zap websites and they can add to yours. It all becomes one big but organized story. This is one of the biggest differences that neither Facebook nor Twitter has.

Here’s how your shared Zap looks on your Facebook page. Link directly to your Zap.

So you can see Zapd is its own animal- a collaborative, story-telling social website- and one that can then be shared on to Facebook for twice the social networking fun.

What other differences to you see? Let us know by leaving a comment below or connecting with us on Twitter @zapdapp or

Zapd Team

Zapd Top 10: week of December 9, 2012

By Kara Queen

Welcome back! I’ve got 10 more amazing Zaps that happened to pop up this week to share with you. The misadventures of elves, what happens when you have a ton of balloons, epic safaris and more are all ahead:

1. “Balloon Spotting” by Stephiedoo (Beware: some 18+ Content)
Because the only thing better than a balloon is A WHOLE ROOM FULL OF BALLOONS. If looking at all these cool balloon things doesn’t bring a smile to your face, nothing will.

2. “Share Your Creative Workspace” by Ramsey Sibaja
I LOVED this idea. I love creative work spaces and seeing how others design and decorate theirs, so the idea of making a collaborative Zap where we can all share ours together is a really fantastic idea. Kudos to you, Raz. I encourage you all to collaborate.

3. “Larek, Santa’s Naughtiest Elf” by Josh
In this incredibly hilarious Zap, join Larek on his adventures in autopsies, couch flipping and being a devious little elf. One of the best things we’ve seen all week.

4.  “Body Art” by: Stephanie Rosell
For the tattoo enthusiasts, or any one who just appreciates awesome art. Maybe get a good idea for your next tattoo ;)

5. “Tanzanian Safari Part 1″ by: David Martin
Like something out of Nation Geographic- David Martin has not one, not two, but four parts to this epic Tanzanian adventure.

6. “Untitled” by Sonia Alvarez
Beautiful photography, gorgeous castles, and architecture to swoon over.

7. “Into the Blue Sky” by: Maxime Ciaccia
Awesome sunsets. Awesome sunsets everywhere.

8. “Love London” by: Kerri
If you don’t already love London, you will after looking at Kerri’s beautiful photography Zap.

9. “San Francisco Street Art” by: MartinAnother one for the art lovers. Some of these are particularly impressive.

10. “Wibcis” by Wibci
A hip blog chock full of wit and snark!


Which did you like? I hope you enjoyed these Zaps, got inspired, or at least had a laugh. Next week we’ll have 10 more awesome Zaps to feature, so if you think yours has some flare, you should send it to us at and maybe you’ll see it up here!

You can also send us an e-mail if you have any other questions or things you’d like to tell us :)

Don’t forget to enter our Best Holiday Zap contest as well.

See you later!

Zapd Team


How to Get Premium Holiday Themes [video] in 4 Easy Steps

by Gavin Donnelly

As you may have heard, we announced new premium holiday themes this week and have started to feature them in Zapd. These are totally cool and festive and super easy to get. Here’s a quick video to show you exactly how to find and purchase premium holiday themes in your Zapd app. At just $1.99 each, these just may be the best value of the season! Enjoy..


4 Easy Steps:

  1. Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Zapd in the App Store (2.0.3 or higher). In some cases you may need to log out and log back in to Zapd on your iPhone before you see the new themes.
  2. Create a new Zap by clicking the orange plus sign in the lower right-hand corner. You’ll see the 3 premium holiday themes in with all the other themes (1 in each family). They have an orange “$1.99″ price tag attached to them.
  3. Click on the premium theme you wish to purchase, you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID to complete the transaction through iTunes.
  4. Once you’ve purchased a premium theme the orange price tag will disappear and instead the theme will say “Yours.” This theme is now yours to use forever just like all the others!

Which holiday theme is your favorite? Let us know or share your holiday Zaps with us on Twitter @zapdapp or

Hope you all enjoy the new themes and don’t forget to enter your Zaps in our holiday contest for a chance to win an iPad mini and other sweet prizes! Happy holidays!

Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

Announcing Premium Holiday Zapd Themes

by Kara Queen

What are premium themes, you ask? Well, every month we’ll be releasing a new batch of extra-awesome themes that express different moods, holidays, occasions, etc, that you can purchase for your very own for just $1.99 a piece through the app. These first 3 are right in time for the holidays, and are filled with winter cheer!

You will need to update to v.2.0.3 via the App Store in order to see the new themes. Takes just a few moments.

Theme family: Marquee

“Wrapped in Red” is everything it says it is. A subtly sweet pattern of snowflakes wrapped up in a festive holly red color.

Theme family: Grid

If you’re not a fan of red, Yuletide might be more up your alley. A grid style theme that’s a wonderful pine green decorated with those lovely little snowflakes.

Theme family: Vertical Blog

Kick the Christmas up a notch with our vertical-style theme, “Festive holiday.” It packs a punch of Christmas with colors, snow, and candy-like vibes.

Just a reminder: Grid and Marquee themes automatically format your Zap for optimal layout and display on mobile, iPad / tablet, or computer. Vertical blog is optimized for mobile viewing.

These new themes give that festive feel to your holiday Zap and are also perfect if you want to make a Christmas card on the web! So go ahead – make a Holiday Zap website to send to your friends and family – way better than the boring letter!

Available in your Zapd app for just $1.99 each. So festive for so little..

Which is your favorite? Let me know how you like them by connecting with us on Twitter @zapdapp or

Remember, do a quick update via the App Store to v.2.0.3. Leave a rating while you’re there!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Zapd Team

“Best of the Rest” Zapd Themes

by Gavin Donnelly

Last week we did a post on the Top 10 themes based on the number of Zaps created since we launched Zapd 2.0.  As you recall, the Top 10 account for about 56% of all since created. Here’s the other 44% – ranking the next 20.

The new theme families (Grid and Marquee) are still getting a lot of love. 8 of the 12 themes in Grid and Marquee were in the Top 10, and the remaining 4 themes from these two families register in this next batch as well. Here’s a look at these next 20 and their theme family:

Here are some screen shots of the next 10 most popular themes:

Check out our earlier post on the Top 10 themes if you missed it last week. How do you decide which themes to use when creating new Zaps? Any ideas for themes you would like to see in the future?

Let us know by connecting with us on Twitter @zapdapp or

Stay tuned for premium themes – coming soon!

Gavin Donnelly
Zapd Team

Zapd Top 10: week of December 2, 2012

By Kara Queen

If you’ve been keeping up with our featured Zap websites for the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen some cool stuff. Whimsical art blogs, beautiful trips around the world, obligatory adorable pet Zaps. Here’s a collection of 10 really notable favorites to share with you. (Truth be told, there were way more than 10, but we need to start somewhere) Take a look, leave a comment or a like, and maybe get a bit of inspiration as well.

1. “Painted Moon Log” by Jessica Tea

Painted Moon Log is a really brilliant idea. Jessica takes her daily journal entries about the moon, and pairs them with adorable digital paintings of her sights during the day. It’s an enchanting little story that you can follow along with, and maybe learn a thing or two about the moon cycle.

2. “Fashion” by Stephanie Rose

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but Stephanie has cranked out some really interesting Zaps. This Pinterest-esque collection of fashion eye candy caught a lot of people’s eyes. But her inspiring collection is more than just dresses and hats- you’ll find some crazy interesting stuff like armadillo mittens and lips that look like Pokemon.

3.“Sawasdee from Thailand” by Stephiedoo

A breathtaking travel photo-based Zap that really reads like a story. This collection has striking beauty and depth in each photo, and really puts you in the moment. Beautiful beaches, delicious food, cats hanging out… now I want to go to Thailand.

4.“Iron and Chrome” by ADISA

ADISA has a excellent collection of Zaps you ought to check out if you haven’t already. Here, he’s put together a gallery of impressive bikes he’s spotted through his travels. If you’re a lover of motorcycles, these will make your heart melt. If not, you’ll probably still enjoy it.

5.“Schleich World of Nature” by Mawry

The overwhelming originality and adorableness of this one took me by complete surprise. Tiny animal figurines hanging out in nature, paired with some quality photography? This takes you back to your childhood in the best way. You go, Mawry.

6. “Photography” by Jilu Panicker

Just take a look at the photo of the moon hanging over that lake and try to tell me that isn’t freaking awesome. Jilu’s photography is diverse, intense, and one of the best we’ve seen all week.

7. “Muse-ical” by Stephanie Rosell

This is another Zap done by Stephanie, but you can’t really blame us for having her in here twice. This is a great concept- Stephanie linked us to some of her favourite playlists and paired with some lovely aesthetics. Take a listen- And then make your own!

8. “Mobile City” by Fotologic

An iPhoneography gallery of truly epic proportions. Fotologic really knows how to wield an iPhone and tell a story. You can’t help but feel submerged in that urban city feeling as you look through these.

9. “Inktober 2012″ by: Ramsey Sibaja

Ramsey, otherwise known as Raz City Studios, has got some serious talent. Here he was given the challenge to create an ink drawing every day of the month- and I’d say he passed with flying colors. Robots, monsters and awesome galore!

10. “Must Be Dreaming…” by Scott Fisher

Nature photography with a very trippy twist. Be prepared for an eye-gasm. And then when you’re done, check out the rest of Scott’s really awesome photography Zaps.

I hope you enjoyed these just as much as I did. We’ll be posting our Top 10 once a week, so there’s much more to come. Or even better, create your own awesome Zap and send it our way – maybe it’ll make it up here!

Did you see some really awesome Zaps that are not on this list? Leave a comment or send me an email. Look forward to hearing from you!

Zapd Team
kara [at] zapd [dot] com