Zapd Top 10: week of December 9, 2012

By Kara Queen

Welcome back! I’ve got 10 more amazing Zaps that happened to pop up this week to share with you. The misadventures of elves, what happens when you have a ton of balloons, epic safaris and more are all ahead:

1. “Balloon Spotting” by Stephiedoo (Beware: some 18+ Content)
Because the only thing better than a balloon is A WHOLE ROOM FULL OF BALLOONS. If looking at all these cool balloon things doesn’t bring a smile to your face, nothing will.

2. “Share Your Creative Workspace” by Ramsey Sibaja
I LOVED this idea. I love creative work spaces and seeing how others design and decorate theirs, so the idea of making a collaborative Zap where we can all share ours together is a really fantastic idea. Kudos to you, Raz. I encourage you all to collaborate.

3. “Larek, Santa’s Naughtiest Elf” by Josh
In this incredibly hilarious Zap, join Larek on his adventures in autopsies, couch flipping and being a devious little elf. One of the best things we’ve seen all week.

4.  “Body Art” by: Stephanie Rosell
For the tattoo enthusiasts, or any one who just appreciates awesome art. Maybe get a good idea for your next tattoo ;)

5. “Tanzanian Safari Part 1″ by: David Martin
Like something out of Nation Geographic- David Martin has not one, not two, but four parts to this epic Tanzanian adventure.

6. “Untitled” by Sonia Alvarez
Beautiful photography, gorgeous castles, and architecture to swoon over.

7. “Into the Blue Sky” by: Maxime Ciaccia
Awesome sunsets. Awesome sunsets everywhere.

8. “Love London” by: Kerri
If you don’t already love London, you will after looking at Kerri’s beautiful photography Zap.

9. “San Francisco Street Art” by: MartinAnother one for the art lovers. Some of these are particularly impressive.

10. “Wibcis” by Wibci
A hip blog chock full of wit and snark!


Which did you like? I hope you enjoyed these Zaps, got inspired, or at least had a laugh. Next week we’ll have 10 more awesome Zaps to feature, so if you think yours has some flare, you should send it to us at and maybe you’ll see it up here!

You can also send us an e-mail if you have any other questions or things you’d like to tell us :)

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See you later!

Zapd Team


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