Zapd Top 10: week of January 6th, 2013

by Kara Queen

After taking some time off for the holidays, I’m back in full swing to present everyone with a slew of cool new Zaps that have popped up recently. A lot of travels and a lot of photography. If you have a affinity for pretty things and interesting places, you’ll surely want to check some of these out!

So, let’s go ahead and dive into this weeks top 10 fabulous finds of Zap pages:

1. “Javier Senosiain” by Stephanie Rosell

Some whimsical, must see organic architecture from the mind of Javier Senosiain!


2. “Little Photo Corner” by Paul Zombie

A really rad photo blog- especially if you like hairless cats.

3. “Circus” by Carlotta Mega

Amazingly intense black and white photography of a circus. Really pulls you in to the show.

4. “2012 My Year in Concerts” by Scott Satcheled

A collection of photos of Scott’s year in concerts. Some bands you may love, some you may haven’t heard of. Epic lights and excited crowds.

5. “Hidden Treasure” by HispanTreasures

Gorgeous photography of hidden treasures and far away lands.

6. “Schleich World of the Arctic” by Mawry

Mawry returns with another tiny animal world to share with us. This time she recreates a brilliant arctic scene.

7. “2 Halves of the Whole” by Max Jones

An interesting collection of black and white photography of bustling crowds and busy streets.

8. “November 1963″ by Scott Fisher

Scott Fisher pulls together some stunning photos from National Geographic back in the year 1963.

9. “Jue 27th, Dic, 2012″ by Andres Figueroa

Some intense images of happenings in 2012.

10. “Places people Go” by Stephiedoo

A Zap of epic proportions and epic places.


More Top 10s if you’re in the mood:

Did you see some really awesome Zaps that are not on this list? Leave a comment below or connecting with us on Twitter @zapdapp or

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