Zapd Top Ten: Week of January 13th

By Kara Queen

Hi again everyone! Once again I’m here to present to you some really awesome Zaps that we found and featured this week. More lovely travel photography, some really cool DIY projects, recipes and work out tips (those may come in handy for any of you still carrying out your healthy New Year’s Resolutions). Go on and check these cool little sites out!

1. “2013年1月10日周四” By Wen Shang

Take a look at these beautifully dramatic black and white photos!

2. “Photobooth Sessions With the Hobo” by Paulo Bkri

For the motorcycle lovers.

3. “Abs Fitness” by Abs One

Looking for a new exercise routine? Abs One provides photos and instructions for a great ab workout.

4. “Balenciaga Lust” by Anna Heimbichner

For the fashion lovers!

5. “Christian Entdeckt Den Orient” by Christian

Epic city lights and travels documented.

6. “House Hunting” by Jim Merrick

For those of you who love house hunting and lovely interiors.

7. “Do It Yourself” by Stephanie Rosell

Tons and tons of creative and crazy projects and decorations to get inspired by.

8. “How to Make Chocolate Pretzels” by Elena Shimabukuro

Because they look amazing and now you can learn how to make them!

9. “Thu, Jan 17, 2013″ by AmRosario

Beautiful photography of dance and performances of different cultures.

10. “Voyage to India” by David Chung

David’s exotic and colorful photography from his adventures through India.


Have you seen any other awesome Zaps that we missed? Leave a comment below! And be sure to connect with us on Twitter @Zapdapp and Facebook!


Zapd Team



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