Zapd vs. Facebook: Similarities and Differences

By Kara Queen

How is Zapd different from Facebook? That’s the question we’re asking today, to give you a little insight on where Zapd fits into the wide world of social networks. Zapd is not a replacement for Facebook – it complements it. One of the great things about Zapd is its ability to tell a story through photos and text- something that is trickier to do on Facebook as time progresses and your photos and statements become spread out. Zapd takes that story and neatly packages it on your own mini website, with your own little URL- and then, look at that! There’s that nifty little “share” button. Now your Zap website link is shared ON your Facebook page, so all your Facebook friends can click and check it out. So the great part here is really that you can bring these two apps together seamlessly and effortlessly.

Sharing your Zap to your Facebook friends is easy.

Here’s a deeper look at some of Zapd characteristics vs. Facebook:

  • Zapd has tons of themes so you can bring some personality in to each of your “Zaps”  (we call mini websites made with Zapd “zaps”)
  • Your friends can comment on/ like your photos and sentiments Zapd, just like on Facebook
  • Oh, and you can rearrange the order of your posts too on Zapd. They don’t HAVE to be in chronological order.
  • You can easily invite your Facebook friends in to Zapd, and have them be recognized as your friends
  • Zapd lets you follow or be followed by others, similar to Facebook and Twitter
    • You see an activity stream of the new things those people you’re following are posting
    • Even better, you have a separate stream of “featured” people- people you may be potentially interested in following because they’re so awesome
  • Zapd has the camera built into the app, and it’ll let you select up to 10 pictures at a time and edit them, all right from your iPhone – way easier to get all your stuff out there from your phone
  • Collaboration – Zapd lets you add to people’s Zap websites and they can add to yours. It all becomes one big but organized story. This is one of the biggest differences that neither Facebook nor Twitter has.

Here’s how your shared Zap looks on your Facebook page. Link directly to your Zap.

So you can see Zapd is its own animal- a collaborative, story-telling social website- and one that can then be shared on to Facebook for twice the social networking fun.

What other differences to you see? Let us know by leaving a comment below or connecting with us on Twitter @zapdapp or

Zapd Team

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